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 We are now celebrating the 37th year of
Kanuga Watermedia Workshops at a wonderful location!
This event is held every spring in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. In 2023, we will be gathering at the Montreat Conference Center in Montreat, NC, 18 miles east of Asheville, near the delightful town of Black Mountain.

Kanuga Watermedia Workshops is known for its eclectic, A-list Watermedia workshops taught by the world’s most respected artists. The workshops offer each student a choice of eleven instructors, independent study or open studio. Our award-winning instructors have been chosen for their ability to help painters develop and advance their skills.
Painting is always a learning experience. Our goal is to help painters sharpen their critical awareness and discover painting gratification.
​All levels of painters are invited. 


2023 Registration Now Open! 


Kanuga Watermedia Workshops @ Montreat
​March 26 through March 31, 2023


Interview with Terry Henry. Editor of the New "Palette" Magazine.


Supply List


 I like 140lb Arches Cold Press but I highly encourage experimentation with all papers including super texture 300 lb rough or even crazy fun Yupo. It's really fun to try different surfaces to see what kind of results you can achive. For more consistent results stick with and learn all the characteristics of one particular kind of paper.


My Palette
Yellow ochre
Quin. Gold
Burnt Sienna
Ultra Marine Blue
Burnt umber
Naples yellow
Cerulean blue
Andrew's Turquoise 
Cobalt Blue
Phthalo Blue
Janet's Violet Rose
Permanent Alizarin Crimson
Rose Madder Genuine
Cadmium Red
Aureolin Yellow
These are the brushes I use.
I love a  small, medium and a large mop (Pseudo Squirrel from Joe's!)  or round brushes for the bulk of my painting. It's a good idea to have and a small fine detail brush (for detail) and a 1/8 inch small flat brush (for cleaning up edges) because they are treasures. I also highly recommend a "lizard lick" brush from Cheap Joe's (medium size) for calligraphic work add a couple of "scrubbers" (stiff bristle brushes that can lift even the toughest staining colors *use with care:) small and medium sizes and your good to go!
Other Supplies
Masking Fluid
Can be very useful for special effects (youtube it) but can also add an unrealistic and clumsy lines. I do use it from time to time. There are many ways to apply masking fluid or liquid frisket, and more still being developed every day. I love the "Fine-line" applicator bottle because it has a resealable "non clogging" tip and you can get spiderweb fine lines and cover large areas with no fuss.
Softer lead (HB 4-7) lifts and disappears more easily, I recommend experimenting with different "grades" of lead to learn the pro's and con's of each.
I love the kneaded erasers but keep several kinds for different effects. Small round and cube erasers with sharp corners can do amazing things. Erasers are pretty inexpensive and I encourage you to have a collection at your ready. Always take care not to bruise or smudge your paper.
Sturdy Board or Painting Surface.
I use Gator board ( a stiff and treated non porous light foam board) to tape my paper onto. Any non flexible board that is easy to clean and move around should do the trick. Most paper sizes range from small to '30x22"  so size your surface to fit the paintings. You can of course paint right on a table, just be careful of staining! I like to put something under my board it to tilt it up -like a rolled up towel or equivalent. A table to easel or similar is great also!
Tape. If you use tape to secure your paper masking or DIY tape works great. Some artists "pre soak" and stretch their paper and secure with staples. Find what works best for you.
Drinking straw.
Small and large kitchen sponges.
Spray bottles. I have a small and a large.
Plastic tubs or whatever you use for water, and paper towels (viva has no pattern to transfer to you paper).
Cloth kitchen towels or rags for cleaning and for soaking up excess moisture from your brushes. Don't use your good towels, they will get funky!
That's pretty much all you need! Enjoy!!



Comments from Students!

"This has been the best class I have ever taken at Cheap Joes. Teacher was wonderful down to earth. Took time with all of us. Was careing and sharing, did not make you feel he was above all. Did not look down his nose like most do."

"Excellent! We had a wonderful time. He was professional, polite and knew his stuff. Besides all that he was fun! Cant wait for his next class".

"Energy and warmth."
"Fantastic, dynamic, talented and a great teacher."
"Wow - Bam! (word of the day!) Say no more...

Wonderful week and Ward was down to Earth and made everyone feel welcome."

"Wonderful spirit, passion, heart - excellent methods."
"I know what I need to paint now.

Ward is a special person. I am requesting him to return."
"Excellent! tremendous instructor. learned more than expected - Great, Great, Great!"
"So personable, enjoyed the Brusho so much. Ward is a breath of frest air and we laughed more in this class than any I've taken.

A wonderful week!"
"Fantastic presenter and willing to share his total knowledge of technique and materials."
"He was the absolute best! Not only did he teach me about art, he gave wonderful bits about life, I am inspired.

This is the best vacation I have ever had."
"I've been watching Ward's Youtube videos and I was so excited when I saw that he was coming to Cheap Joes He is an absolutely amazing teacher and person. I came from California to share this experience with him and he far exceeded my expectations.

This was SO much fun!!!"